Saturday, June 1, 2013

Six Links Every Saturday

I'm away for the weekend in the great state of Texas for a bachelor party. I put some extra effort into this week's Six Links on Saturday so you wouldn't miss me. :) If you missed my favorite tweets from the week yesterday, check it out.

1. E-Commerce is a Bear - The CEO of Bonobos explains why E-Commerce is such a difficult business. A lot of it boils down to Amazon being such a tough competitor, but there are other challenges. Still, it's a terrific way to reach customers and people like me rarely buy anything in retail stores outside of groceries. It's still the future. (note: I'm personally long Amazon stock)

2. Healy Jones' Best Marketing Tweets - Healy is a friend and VP of Marketing at Boundless, an eTextbook company. Why weren't those around when I was in school? He's a great online marketer and these tips are must reads.

3. Inside Pixar's Leadership - Tons of management gems. Makes you realize why they make such great movies.

4. Alpha Dads - Posted by my buddy Scott Barrett, who owns a very successful supply chain consulting company. He's a good dad and so are all my friends with kids. It's fun to watch. It's also good to know how they approach it and what they struggle with. All of that is in this article.

5. Spark Networks and the Failure of Sex Starved… - A hedge fund investors take on investing in the dating site that owns J-Date, the dominant jewish dating site. He makes some good points and also some funny ones.

6. Liquid Mammoth Blood Found - This is so awesome. How long until there is a cloned Mammoth running around?