Saturday, June 15, 2013

Six Links Every Saturday - Baseball Stadiums, Depression, The Spark File and McCain's iPhone

Welcome back for another Saturday Links column. If you missed last Sunday's column, you can double your reading pleasure today.

1. Grantland Ranks the Best Baseball Parks - There is something special about baseball parks. They're modern day cathedrals for us sports nuts. I spent so much time playing baseball as a kid that I still feel at home around a baseball diamond. The best part is I substituted eating hot dogs for striking out. In the article, Jonah Keri gives a scouting report on the best parks and it's no surprise what the best active one is (hint: below)

2. Depression is Not a Weakness - Thoughtful essay about a difficult subject to discuss.

3. The Spark File - Loved the concept of keeping a list of things that spark your interest. The Author keeps a Google Doc filled with things he wants to write about. I keep a list of things in Evernote. More like a hodge podge, but it helps me come back to topics I want to figure out or write about.

4. How Do You Want to Die? - A public service announcement of sorts by Seth Godin, but an important one. Unfortunately, we've had to grapple with this for one of our loved ones. It's especially painful to discuss in the heat of moment. Better to figure it out ahead of time, for everyone's sake.

5. John McCain Got What He Wanted in the New iPhone - Your tax dollars at work. Actually everyone but Apple's tax dollars since the company is so good at avoiding them. :)

6. I'll leave you with a video...of the Seattle Public Library breaking the world record for longest domino chain.