Sunday, June 2, 2013

Seven Links Every Sunday

If you missed Saturday's Six Links, please take a peak. Also, I work really hard on these and would appreciate it if you send it to a few friends or post it on Facebook/Twitter. Thanks!

1. Mary Meeker's Internet Trends 2013 - She's been doing these big data dumps on emerging Internet trends for a long time and I always love reading through them. There's always a hefty bias to Kleiner Perkins portfolio companies, but overall it's excellent work and a service to the tech community.

2. Amputee in Rural China Builds a Bionic Arm - People are amazing.

3. Why Is Facebook Blue - Good tutorial on how colors affect us. This goes way beyond Facebook and even made me feel better about the colors we've chosen for my new side project, Orbit, which will be released soon.

4. Innovative Ad Hides Anti-Abuse Message - This is really cool. Anything to protect kids from this stuff.

5. From Blog Post to Movie - Neat story. Carpe Diem! P.S. Reddit is crazy powerful.

6. To Get Big, Start Small - I firmly believe in this. You have to work the kinks out, you know? Remember in the movie when Bambi was born and he couldn't walk and would slide around and fall all over the place? That's you when you start a new venture. Bambi needed some time and so do you.

7. I'm going to leave you with a song. I'm actually re-linking back to my post on Wednesday with the Plumspotter May Playlist because it's so damn good. I must have listened to this playlist 10 times this week. Enjoy.