Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday's 7 Links - June 30, 2013

Back again for Sunday's 7 Links. Here's a link to Saturday's stories from yesterday.

Citi Bike is My New Iphone - Terrific primer on New York's new Citi Bike program by Dan Frommer. It's very simple, you can rent a bike on demand all over the city. Very clever program. When do we get this in San Francisco?

Valuation vs Ownership - Interesting post by Fred Wilson, a NYC VC. He runs a mid-sized fund and has been wildly successful. In this article he explains the different approaches a VC takes on investing depending on his/her fund size.

Parents' Perspective: When Our Son Came Out - One of my favorite financial writers, Herb Greenberg, talking about what it felt like when his son came out of the closet. Heart warming post.

4. Jesus Saves. Can Coffee? - Beautiful article on coffee and its potential to change places like Haiti for the better.

5. Jimmy Wales is not an Internet Billionaire - The Founder (or co-founder) of Wikipedia is not rich despite founding the 5th largest property on the Internet. Wikipedia has done wonderful things for the world so it's a shame to dwell on Wales lack of a fortune. Wikipedia is one of the models we use for Ben's Friends. In fact, I often describe Ben's Friends as "a mini-wikipedia because we have over 170 volunteer moderators." Keep doing good work Jimmy and Wikipedia!

6. Lost in the Supermarket: How to Survive When There is Too Much Good TV - Tim Goodman is my favorite TV writer and he has an interesting perspective on something I've been feeling lately - there is too much good TV on and I feel a little overwhelmed. My issue, like Goodman's, is that I don't want to be a couch potato, but I also want to take advantage of the best stuff. Here's what to do.

7. I'll leave you with an image: The New Yorker cover celebrating gay marriage through Bert & Ernie.