Sunday, June 16, 2013

7 Links Every Sunday - Google Loon, Apple Moving Fast, Fragile vs. Robust and Mos Espa

Welcome back for 7 Links Every Sunday. If you missed the 6 Links from Saturday, take a sec to check them out.

1. Google Loon - Balloon powered Internet access for rural areas? Google's working on it. Wow.

2. Formula for Entrepreneurial Success - Words to live by in any profession from Evan Williams, Founder of Twitter and Medium.

3. Fragile vs. Robust Plan - Derek Sivers outlining how he constructed his new project, Wood Egg. We went through similar things on Ben's Friends before we figured it out. And at the end where he outlines his lessons learned, we were lucky that we did find people who cared about it just as much as we did. Lot's of them.

4. The Most Effective Price Discovery Question - Good question. Deciding how to price a new service is so hard. It's all about "relative value" questions.

5. Color Theory and Mapping - Lot's of great insights on color and the subliminal stories it tells. Just as pricing is a big decision, so is color pallet. Some helpful hints here.

6. When Apple Moved Fast - Nice historical reminder that Apple will move quickly when it sees an opportunity. I especially enjoyed Dan Frommer's notes from the World Wide Developer Conference. Some great insights and observations.

7. I'll leave you with some incredible pictures of an original Star Wars set, still standing in the middle of a desert.