Saturday, June 22, 2013

6 Links Every Saturday - "I Ran for a Year," Colbert's Mother, Gandolfini and Camera Obscura

We're back with 6 Links Every Saturday. I'm writing this from a conference in Vegas. Boy does it get hot out here, unfortunately the tables have been ice cold. :(

1. I Ran for a Year - I've been in a workout funk lately and I've packed on a few pounds because of it. This article broke me out of it. Her message is simple and it resonated with me.

2. Stephen Colbert Honors His Mother - It's a tear jerker. Reminded me how much I love my mom! Love you mom (she reads the blog). :)

3. Bernanke on Rising Rates: We Were A Little Surprised - Over the last couple months I've flagged the changes in the bond market which have led to higher interest rates. It got pretty crazy this week with bonds losing a lot of value (and interest rates popping again), which led to a big decline in the stock market too. Bernanke's comments are especially interesting because this has come as a surprise to him. The Fed may be losing control of the bond market. If so, we're going to see some real fireworks.

4. James Gandolfini's Obituary on Grantland - Well written obit on a man that I can't believe we lost. His work as Tony Soprano will live forever.

5. The Get Rid of Crap Every Month Club - I'm guilty of this too. There's a business in here somewhere.

6. I'll leave you with a song: Camera Obscura's Fifth in Line to the Throne.


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