Saturday, June 8, 2013

Six Links Every Saturday

It's a beautiful day in San Francisco. Hope you enjoy the links and then get out and enjoy the city!

1. Tech Companies Concede to Surveillance Program - I'm disappointed that the companies I love on the Internet caved to the government. I'm disappointed in the President I voted for twice let this happen. I completely agree with this New York Times Editorial. And as I'm writing this, more news is breaking that AT&T and Sprint were part of the program too.

2. Turkey at a Tipping Point - Big things are happening in Turkey. I've had the pleasure of visiting the country and have been watching all this happen through blog posts like this one. And don't miss the images of the Lady in Red either.

3. Children's Cancer Center Rebrands Chemo as "Superformula" - Heartwarming. These kids are braver than the superheroes in the movies.

4. Kuppy's Presentation on How to Be a Value Investor - Such a smart presentation on modern finance with examples on how to play a long term bullish trend from the value investors perspective. (note: I'm a personal investor in the Mongolian Vehicle referenced in the presentation)

5. Jay Fanelli on Work/Life Balance - It's really that simple.

6. I'll leave you with a picture, and a wonderful story about the Excel Spreadsheet Artist.

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