Sunday, June 9, 2013

Seven Links Every Sunday

Happy Sunday! Sorry for the late links column. Big night last night as the Schweifler's are homeowners and we had to celebrate. I had to heroically fight through the hangover to bring you the the links! If you missed Saturday's Links, then check them out.

1. Start-up Drugs - Another great post by the CEO of Bonobos. He covers the downside of dumping money into marketing, managing a board and their expectations and the roller coaster ride that is a startup.

2. Food Rules for Startups - You know what they say, "a startup that eats together, stays together." Here's how to do it and why.

3. Naz Hamid on the People You Surround Yourself With - "Choose Wisely" is right. I'm lucky that I have amazing friends.

4. Everybody Calls it OK Stupid - Great essay on online dating. So many people meet their loved one through online dating, including me, that it's worth understanding what it's like.

5. Pimco's Bond Fund Losing Assets for the First Time - The bond market is slowing changing with rates starting to rise. When rates go up, the value (price) of your bond goes down. If you're in a bond fund you're going to start feeling it and losing principal. Hard to tell how long this move will last though.

6. The Loss of Privacy and the Collapse of Creative Ambiguity - "The old equilibrium is perhaps no longer stable."

7. I'll leave you with a song, The Trip by Still Corners.

P.S. This list was made with the help of Pocket...and a little aspirin. :)