Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You Know It When You See It...

Great ideas are like that. Sometimes you just know. Well I've been trying to figure out how to combine visual and experience based story telling on the web for a long time. I spent all summer on it but just couldn't crack the nut.

Well guess what? Here's how you do it. Inanimate Alice

It's funky, clever, daring, invokes cool visualizes, sets the mood with edgy music and tells a great story.

The cliff notes version of the story is that it's a serial about a 10 year old girl who loses her parents. She's a talented inventor and animator, and tells her story by requring you to interact with her inventions.

It's done by Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph who are British artists and storytellers.

Kudos Kate and Chris. Inanimate Alice, that's how you do it.