Friday, October 19, 2007

Doing You a Favor

It's a beautiful Friday afternoon in the Bay and I'm feeling light on my feet. These are the kind of days where you're proud to call yourself a Californian. For gosh sakes people, I'm writing this from an Outdoor Internet Cafe. Do these even exist anywhere else in the world? In October? Stop it. Just stop it.

I've enjoyed every minute of this blogging experience and I want to give something back. I'm pointing you in the direction of the best blog on the Internet not named Kenny Kellogg.

It's Fake Steve Jobs. It's a dude posing as the real Steve Jobs and the running commentary on things like the iPhone, Microsoft, Facebook and Al Gore is just priceless. I've highlighted a few posts below but do yourself a favor and add the RSS Feed to your Google Reader.

His faux-profile can be found here. My favorite blog post of the year is probably his "Some Dude in B-School Wants to Shadow Me, from the other day. Fake Steve has a book coming out soon called Options, which makes fun of the Silicon Valley Stock Option irregularities which have hurt the industry and its biggest players.

Just start There are a couple more posts below to get you started. As Fake Steve would say, Namaste.

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