Friday, October 19, 2007

Follow-Up on the Mayer Debacle

The anger from my John Mayer endorsement continues unabated. The only positive I can get out of the emails, letters (yes, Nani, I got the letter delivered by none other than the U.S. Postal Service), crank calls and general disrespect to my face, is that there are a lot of you reading this blog. That's's really something.

Out of the angry aether came one (yes 1) constructive comment and it was by none other than Mr. Bryan Kenna. As Kenna so abley pointed out, Mayer's best album is Try! (I really wished he hadn't used the excalamtion point for macho-ness purposes).

It's a pretty awesome album with a lot of blues on it and Mayer's guitar talent really comes out. Dude, the guy can play guitar. He's so good at guitar, that he can do it with his eyes closed. :)