Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Funnel Friend

Let's keep it quick this evening.

You absolutely must start reading my man Gust Funnel. He's a mysterious guy who wants to stay low-pro right now, but he links to things about Burt Reynolds and Steve Urkel, who incidentally, Ananda went on a date with at UCLA.

Mystery + Burt + Urkel = Funny

He's a great writer, doing some of the best travel blogs ever and this week he weighs in on dressing casually at the office. What more could you ask for than a witty writer who goes by an alias? A handsome witty writer? I know, you already have one of those here. Stop it. No really, stop it.

One more thing, I'm thrilled that so many people are reading this. I'm averaging about 30 visitors a day, which is about 27 more than I thought would read this. I've received a lot of great emails. Keep them coming and I'll do a Sports Guy-esque Friday mailbag on questions sometime, although it won't be as funny as the Sports Guy.

Finally, one bonus topic. The new edition of The Believer arrived yesterday. I can't wait to read it. You should buy it at a newsstand or subscribe because there are always a couple epic articles in there, and we'll be able to discuss it over Kenny Kellogg.