Monday, October 29, 2007

Fantasy Football, Zingers & Hasselhoff

There are lot's of reasons why fantasy football is so big – the stats and cool things to follow, but I'm going to clue you in on the real reason.

It's the post boards where people can post zingers. I know what you are thinking, Kenny Kellogg, you are so witty, you probably dominate the post boards. Well guess what, I'm not that witty and my friends are far funnier than me. They should be the ones writing blogs.

Just this week I was lit up on the boards by none other than Tucker Callaway. Tucker has a special posting style where he turns some of your biggest strengths into weaknesses. I’m not even sure how he does it really. It’s a Zen thing.

Anyway, the funniest line by far (to me) was:

“Orn [Kenny Kellogg] spends more time in the Yoga studio than David Hasselhoff.”

Just pure genius. A round of applause for Tucker. It’s a take off on the one joke that Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore knows. Except he substituted Yoga, because I'm a dabbler.

A great Post Board zinger can have you laughing for days. That's why we play Fantasy Football. It's just good times. Thanks for the laugh Tucker.