Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I'm a Godfather. It's kind of like being a Father, except without the making out on the front end and all the responsibility on the back-end. It's a great job (except for the lack of making out and no Tucker, I'm not talking about Andi).

I'm charged with making sure my man Wilson leads a happy, healthy life. As you can see with those shorts, he's a tough guy, just like his old man.

Kids are cool. They are just are. Like Ron Bergundy says, "That's just Science, you can't argue with that." So I was happy to hear that the Wilcox's are having a baby. Tim was a notorious skater/punk guy as a teenager in Simi Valley, so I asked if the kid would grow up like his old man. Like a good father, Tim's going to let him go his own way, but he did say he would mix in a few PJ posters in the kids room. Kudos Tim. May I recommend these epic pics?

Pearl Jam, like Godfathers, are pretty cool.