Monday, October 1, 2007

Perfect Gift for Ananda & Schweif

I had a lovely weekend crashing in Ananda and Schweif's new apartment. You remember Schweif right, the Sports Basement guy? Well, Ananda is his girlfriend, and my friend for that matter. She has gone corporate at PG&E and will someday be championing Solar Power for the good of California.
Come to think of it, she'll probably save the world someday, and you'll be able to say you knew her when she was covered in a CFO Magazine profile during her 2nd year at Kellogg.

Well, courtesy of a New Yorker article, I've found the perfect gift for them, a solar powered sports jacket!

The collar is able to store the energy of the sun, and you can later plug your ipod or phone into the little battery storage device embedded in the jacket.
Presto! Your devices can run on the solar power your jacket provides.

Now if this isn't the perfect gift for this "Power Couple," I don't know what is.