Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's Ok

Wow, things didn't go so well for CAL yesterday. If you haven't heard, check this out.

It's ok though. Riley's a freshman quarterback and we are CAL after all. We all knew secretly, deep down inside that the undefeated run couldn't continue. Hey, we got to be #2 in the country for a little while, and those fantasies about being #1, pretty cool. Kind of like dating Elle McPherson or something. Oh well, it's ok.

I'm here to cheer us up though.

First Catharsis. We need a dose of Eddie and the epic performance of Daughter (the It's Ok version). Watch this, I promise you'll feel better.

I was right, wasn't I? Probably the best 3 minutes of your week.

Next, we need to feel better about ourselves. We're CAL gosh darn it. Watch this.

I feel better already. Kudos to you, Kevin Riley for leading us down the field twice in the final 4 minutes. You deserved better. We deserved better. But hey, we're the science nerds and literary geniuses, not the QB who get's to date Elle McPherson.