Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wikipedia’s Sexism

Wikipedia is one of my favorite institutions in the world. I think it's amazing that it exists. Twelve year old me would have used it 25 times a day. So disappointing to read the story below.

Wikipedia’s Sexism -

"The intention appeared to be to create a list of “American Novelists” made up almost entirely of men. The category listed 3,837 authors, and the first few hundred were mainly men. An explanation at the top of the page said that the list of “American Novelists” was too long, and novelists had to be put in subcategories whenever possible.

People who might have gone to Wikipedia to get ideas for whom to hire, or honor, or read, and looked at that list of “American Novelists” for inspiration, might not even have noticed that the first page of it included far more men than women. They might simply have used that list without thinking twice about it. It’s probably small, easily fixable things like this that make it harder and slower for women to gain equality in the literary world."