Sunday, May 5, 2013

Seven Links on Sunday

We're back with seven more interesting articles for your Sunday Morning. Yesterday's "Six on Saturday" had some pretty good articles too. :)

The Hangover Uncensored - Terrific work by my buddy Matt Belloni of Hollywood Reporter, on the oral history behind the Hangover movie. These guys are so funny.

Silicon Valley's Startup Machine - Y-Combinator, a tech company incubator, has had a profoundly positive effect on the startup world. Loved this quote describing Demo Day, "Demo Day has become a biannual milestone, Silicon Valley’s version of the N.F.L. Scouting Combine, where investors size up the new talent."

San Francisco's Cal Train Is Busting at the Seams  - This is what a boom looks like.

What a Stupid Idea - I've said this plenty of times about startups that went on to become world beaters.

People Are Lazy, How I Get Shit Done - Lot's of great advice.

What Hackers Should Know About Design Thinking - I met Gentry six months before Mailbox App launched. My stepdad, Canoe Jack, introduced us after Gentry tried to buy a canoe from him. Gentry let me test Mailbox. When I came back to the office, I told my co-worker that I had just seen the next great startup. I tried to invest of course, but he didn't need the money. 

He did teach me an entrepreneurial lesson though. They had started off building Productivity Apps (ToDo List). Everyone loved their apps, especially the beauty and usability. But no one actually used it. Hmmm. After some dark moments, the team pulled themselves together and reframed the problem. People didn't use the To Do List App because they managed ToDo's through email. Gentry had an epiphany. "We should build an email app that functions like a To Do list." Problem solved. $100M check 6 months later.

I'll leave you with a song, The Mother We Share by CHVRCHES.