Sunday, May 19, 2013

Seven Links Every Sunday

Welcome back for another episode of Seven Links Every Sunday. If you missed yesterday's Six Links Every Saturday, check it out.

Eight Nerds Get Rich Off a Game - These guys invented the greatest board game of the last 10 years, Cards Against Humanity. I can't recommend it enough. But they're still all doing their day jobs. Why? Because according to one of the founders, "The game is too stupid to do full-time." :)

Mediocre Ideas, Showing Up and Persistence - Excellent. The last line is especially true.

Retail Investors Come to Life - Anecdotal for sure, but this is a big deal. If retail investors hop back into the market, this upswing has more room to run. Sadly most will be getting back in after selling at the bottom in 2008.

A Working Class Couple and Their Art Collection - Fantastic story.

Xia Long Bao Inflation - James Hong, of Hot or Not, checks in on his favorite Chinese Inflation Index.

$40,000 - Tim Calkins, one of my favorite Kellogg Professors, explores healthcare rationing in Europe. I cringe every time I see stats that say something like, "European countries spend half as much as America on healthcare." That's because they don't pay for some drugs and procedures that could save lives. At the same time, we only have so much money in the system. This dilemma is what makes getting healthcare costs under control so difficult.

I'll leave you with a song - With Bay to Breakers going on in San Francisco today, it feels like we need a "good times with friends" kind of song. Here is Band of Horses - Great Salt Lake.