Saturday, August 31, 2013

6 Links on Saturday - Four Letter Words, Discovering the Wrist, How Paypal & Reddit Faked Traction and Pickwick

Welcome back to this week's 6 Links on Saturday. Hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend!

1. Mobile Social Networks: The Customer Acquisition Powerhouse - Facebook's monstrous earnings last quarter were driven by Apps advertising on Facebook (especially Mobile) in the hopes of jump starting their user base. It's remarkably effective. It also delivered a very lucrative business model to the major mobile messaging platforms. Introduce paid app acquisition, rinse and repeat, then grow into your huge valuation.

2. Suddenly Everyone Has Discovered the Wrist - Poor Casio...Frommer's analogy to the "PC Guys" is perfect.

3. How Paypal & Reddit Faked Their Way to Traction - Signaling traction is the most important thing a startup can do after building a functional product. People want to dine in crowded restaurants, dance at packed clubs and be on popular social networks.

4. Four Letter Words - I've learned the hard way that "Easy" is a very dangerous word when working with other people. Good trap to avoid.

5. What You Need to Know About the NFL's Concussion Lawsuit Settlement - Great analysis by one of my favorite football writers, Grantland's Bill Barnwell. Personally, I can't believe the players settled for so little.

6. I'll leave you with a great new band called PickWick that I found on I Am Fuel, You Are Friends blog.