Sunday, September 1, 2013

7 Links on Sunday - Coldest Case Ever Solved, Decline of Serial Killers and Sharing Economy, Puzzling Through a Love Song and the Prisoner's Dilemma

Hopefully you're reading this somewhere in the mountains, at a beach or in a beautiful, half empty city like me. If you are, take a few minutes to check out yesterday's 6 Links on Saturday. :)

1. The Coldest Case Ever Solved - A really interesting "Who Done It?" for a crime that happened 50+ years ago.

2. Puzzling Through (A Love Song) - Andrew Bird is one of my favorite musicians and I love his song writing deconstructions in the New York Times. He even embeds the music threads so you can hear what he is talking about.

3. The Decline of Serial Killers and the Sharing Economy - Such a great observation on how using services like Uber and AirBnb are teaching us to trust each other again.

4. The Apple TV App Store Can't Be Far Away - I've been waiting for this for years. It's going to be such a blockbuster. In followups to this article I've seen writers say it will have low adoption and will be no big deal. The same thing that many of them said when the iPad came out...and we know how that turned out (note: I'm long Apple stock).

5. Letting Employees Make the Most Out of Their Fitness - Such an important trend, and it's in the employers best interests. Employers are shouldering huge healthcare costs with healthcare inflation so out of control. If they can help nudge all of us in the right direction, it's really going to pay off for both groups.

6. Everyone Owns A Piece of the Pie - This is a post from one of the Moderators of Living With Fibromyalgia Support Group on Ben's Friends. It made me so proud because her we have a member explaining to the rest of the community that they must take ownership if this community is going to work. This is how lasting communities are built, by everyone shouldering the burden.

7. I'll leave you with a great video that illustrates the concept of Prisoner's Dilemma. You're probably familiar with this set up from a Law and Order situation. Each detained suspect is given the option of a lighter sentence if they rat out the other detainee. But if they both keep quiet, they go free. If no one cooperates and they are convicted, they get huge sentences. The video is liter fare and very entertaining.