Saturday, August 3, 2013

6 Links Every Saturday - Failures of Kindness, Pork in NYC, Scalping Genius Bar Appointments and Tim Goodman on TV Exec Life

Welcome back to 6 Links Every Saturday! Here we go.

George Saunders: Failures of Kindness - Wonderful convocation speech to the graduates of Syracuse University by George Saunders. It's funny and touching, and he couldn't be more right. The moments I regret in my life are the times when I could have stepped up and helped others out.

The Benefits of Diversification by Wealthfront - This post answers the investing question I get most from friends and family, "Where should I put my money?" Wealthfront's chart shows that the asset class that led one year, is a laggard the next. It's important to diversify and rebalance.

How to Meet a Man in New Pork City - Cute observation from a single lady trying to meet guys in New York.

Chinese Scalpers Booking all the Genius Bar Time Slots - Last week it was bots and scalpers booking up all the nice restaurant reservations, this week they are doing it in China at all the Apple stores. Everything online is becoming an arbitrage situation.

The Life of a TV Network Exec by Tim Goodman - Tim Goodman of the Hollywood Reporter is on his "Death March with Cocktails" in LA where network execs present next years shows during the day, and at night the networks butter up the TV critics over drinks. Goodman is the best TV writer (imho) and he's written some great behind the scenes columns lately.

I'll leave you with a cute story about a Fox who stole a phone and texted the owner. :)
(note: the noise in the video is a rabbit call)