Sunday, August 18, 2013

7 Links Every Sunday - Filming Concentration Camp, Internet Makes TV Terrible, Silk Road and the End of Independent Bookstores

Hope you like today's links. If you missed Saturday's link column, take a sec to check them out.

1. How French Prisoners Secretly Filmed a Nazi Concentration Camp - Fantastic story. These people were so resourceful in a moment of darkness.

2. How the Internet Makes Everything Terrible - Interesting observation from the author on how the Internet changes the viewing experience for appointment TV like Breaking Bad's premier. Twitter brings us all together during the show and it's not always a good thing. I think this trend will get even stronger and it's part of what I'm counting on with our Orbit App.

3. The Great HerbaLife Corner of 2013? - Some historical context on what is happening at HerbaLife as two gigantic investors argue (and bet $ Billions) on whether it's a fraud or a legit company.

4. The Man Behind the Black Market Drug Site - Silk Road - I had no idea a site like this existed. Wow.

5. I Was Not a Pretty Child - Thoughtful essay from a former "ugly duckling" on what it's like to grow up as an outsider.

6. The End of the Independent Book Store - Terrific essay by Seth Godin on what is happening with the independent bookstore (and retailers in general). It's a little sad that these businesses are disappearing but it also creates so many new opportunities.

7. If the Made Up Movies in Seinfeld Had Movie Posters - Brilliant.