Saturday, August 24, 2013

6 Links on Saturday - Time Tax, ESPN Online, Breaking Bad Wardrobes, Just Listen and a Breakfast Manifesto

We're back with 6 Links on Saturday. Enjoy!

Getting Smart About the Time Tax - So many great ideas in here. The premise is to exchange time spent sitting in line for something productive. So smart.

ESPN in Talks to Stream All Channels Online for a Fee - If this happens it's going to rock the cable world and the sports world. First, ESPN is the most valuable channel on cable systems. It's the main reason most men subscribe. The second most important reason men subscribe is the local sports channel which shows local NBA and MLB games. Most of these local sports channels have signed humongous 20 year deals with teams under the assumption that they are untouchable on cable systems and will be able to jack up their own fees along the way. But what happens when ESPN, the linchpin of the whole cable juggernaut, bails? Will the local channels be enough to keep people subscribed? I think not. This could get crazy with local sports channels going bankrupt because of the huge fees they owe the local sports teams. And the local sports teams that locked up players for 10 years to huge contracts because they could count on that cash flow? They'll be in trouble too. We might see our first MLB team bankruptcy. Holy cow.

An Epic Timeline of Breaking Bad Wardrobes - For those that don't know, the characters reflect their moods and alliances in the color scheme of their wardrobe.

Just Listen - I'm constantly trying to remind myself of this.

Breakfast: A Manifesto - Most important meal of the day. And these people are trying to take it away. Reminds me of Colbert's War on the War on Christmas.

Grantland is running a Top 64 Songs of the Millennium and it's wonderful. Here are the Songs That Could Have Changed Your Life but weren't picked. In addition here are the Lessons Learned From Day 1.