Sunday, August 25, 2013

7 Links on Sunday - Cheat Sheet for Starting a Business, Honor Your Users, Now it's Ruined, Building a Vibrant Community, and Jeff Tweedy Acoustic

Hope you had a great Saturday. If you missed 6 Links on Saturday, take a quick look. :) - Now on to 7 Links on Sunday.

1. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Starting Your Business - This is perfect in every way. The serious advice is spot on and he does such a good job of anticipating dumb questions. Plus the funny parts are really funny.

2. How Do You Honor Your Users - So good. Who do you honor? At Ben's Friends we honor the patients who are fighting their diseases and the friends and family who support them.

3. Now It's Ruined - Another great one from Seth Godin. Every time the old school says something is ruined, the new school is building something better.

4. How to Build a Vibrant Community - Terrific "How To" from Eric Kroll, my partner on Ben's Friends. Eric does so much for Ben's Friends. I think we've been working together on it for 4 years. I still remember sitting at the Grove on Chestnut pitching him what we wanted to do. I think we had 4 communities at the time. With Eric's help, we've grown to 35, and a bunch of Eric's insights are captured in this article.

5. Giving Up the PED Guessing Game - Neat guest column on Baseball Prospectus (a very nerdy baseball analysis site) from former major leaguer Gabe Kapler. He talks about the temptation of Performance Enhancing Drugs and how he avoided them. An honest and insightful discussion from an ex-athlete.

6. 10 Things to Love About San Francisco - My favorite is "We boom, we bust." That's SF in a single sentence, but there are so many more things to love about it.

7. I'll leave you with an acoustic set from Jeff Tweedy, lead singer of Wilco. This is just off the charts good.