Sunday, August 11, 2013

7 Links on Sunday - Dogs and Social Media, Grantland's BB Recap, There's No Speed Limit and That's Just a Hack

Back for Sunday's 7 Links. Vanessa and I had a terrific day in Maui visiting the farm of old tech friend, Tina Fitch.
Tina has gone from very successful tech entrepreneur to sustainable and humane pig farmer. But I'll cover all that tomorrow. Now it's on to the links.

1. Grantland's Breaking Bad Precap - Read this just for Lisanti's scene in heaven between Tony Soprano and Walter White. Brilliant.

2. What My Dog Taught Me About Social Media - Insightful for three reasons, 1) Reminder that pets are huge on social media, bringing people joy online too, 2) Illuminates what works in Facebook Ads and 3) Shows the type of person that works at Facebook - highly analytical, tries a lot of stuff, and a power user of Facebook the service.

3. There's No Speed Limit - Excellent post by Derek Sivers. Speed limits are for suckers (except the driving kind). :)

4. Goodbye, Splash Bar New York - Thoughtful essay from Dave Holmes on taking the road less traveled.

5. AOL Hanging in There With 2.6M Dial-up Subscribers - Dan Frommer covers AOL's remaining dial-up customer base. These metrics are investor porn, and Dan knows it. But indulge us. AOL Dial-up is the ultimate example of how some online services are incredibly sticky. After all the hype wears off, they're beautiful cash cows.

6. Oh That's a Hack That Someone Put Together - "Just about all the big decisions, innovations and perfect solutions around you, didn't start that way." Absolutely true. For Ben's Friends, it started with us answering emails in the middle of the night from people who were joining the communities and from each other. It's that easy (and hard) to get started.

7. I'll leave you with a book recommendation. I spent the first couple days of my vacation reading Matthew Berry's Fantasy Life. He's the Fantasy expert at ESPN and the book weaves together his path to success in the fantasy sports world with tons of funny anecdotes from fans who wrote in. A nice easy read that will put a smile on your face if you play fantasy sports.

P.S. Don't forget Saturday's Fun and Exciting 6 Links from yesterday!