Thursday, May 13, 2010

iPad Review

Alex Bain wrote an excellent iPad review. I agree with it pretty much 100%. I'd like to add a few points:
  • If you enjoy riding an exercise bike, the iPad is an amazing device for reading & responding to emails and for reading blog posts. I spent an hour on the bike Tuesday morning and caught up on a ton of email and reading. It's great because the device is so easy to work, I can still exercise hard, but also get a lot done.
  • Instapaper Application is a must buy. It turns web articles into easy to organize and read posts. It's invaluable to me now.
  • Your niece can draw cool things on it. The kids love it.
Overall, it gives me the same sense of freedom I felt when I first started using a Blackberry in 2000. I never thought it would be a big deal, until it started changing things in little ways for me. Last week I spent an hour doing email inside of La Boulange, my favorite yuppie coffee shop, instead of sitting in front of a computer. It allows you to untether, which is hugely valuable for me. The iPad is a delight.