Saturday, May 8, 2010

Derek Sivers on Thor's Day

Great post by Derek Sivers, one of my favorite bloggers. I highly recommend subscribing to him. My favorite part:

"I love that we're living in a time where it's so easy to learn.

Like the date asked, “Why are you so into this?” - When I was a kid, you had to be “so into” something to go to the trouble of going to the library to find books on a subject, or going back to the card catalog to find related books.

It used to be that if you overheard someone say something, you'd just remember and repeat it, without looking it up for yourself, because it wasn't worth the trouble.

Now you can start to dive into any subject with some whimsical web browsing - an alternate to watching a TV show. And because I invested so little time into it, I'm emotionally less invested into subscribing to it (“signing my name to it”) - and can see it as just an alternate point of view."