Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Couldn't Agree More

Whether you are looking to join a startup or big company, or just want to do something on the side, I think this is great advice.

Every decent startup gets a flood of resumes every week.  I was lucky, in that my resume was the We Are Hunted app on Boxee.  That was the proof of my capabilities.  If you want to work at a startup I’d advise you don’t work too much on your resume and instead work on building something you love or that’s useful to you.  By building something useful, you have tangible proof of what you are capable of doing what value you can bring to an organisation."

It comes from a post by Nick Crocker on how to join a startup. But I think it translates to pretty much everything in life. Experiment, try something, see where it takes you and iterate. I think one of the worst legacies of an MBA is the emphasis on planning before you get going. MBA's sell the comfort of a process, but many of the case studies they use to teach process are derived from companies that got off the ground because of the "Just Build Something" approach.

Legacies are written in hindsight. Don't let the logical, tidy, package-like way startup success stories are told intimidate or mislead you, or worse, keep you from starting something today.