Saturday, September 5, 2009


I read this article by Bill Simmons and immediately bought a ticket to Vegas. True story. My favorite excerpt (that is printable on Kenny Kellogg)

"10:50: Slow start. Sloooooooooow start. I will confess: Up to this point in my life, I found slots to be perplexing. So, you sit in a chair and sadly press a button over and over and over again? And this is fun … why?
"Great idea, Mahades," I heckle. "I can't think of anything more fun than watching somebody else hit a button a whole bunch of times."
"Just wait," he says. "Just wait."
10:55: I can't even describe how fast I just flipped on slots. Working six of the eight machines, we just hit $400 (Hopper) and, astonishingly, the big $1,000 (Bish). Each time it happened? Chaos. We went crazy. Now every time someone gets to spin, five other guys race over to cheer them on. Even if you rarely end up hitting a big number on the wheel, every "Come on, come on, WHOAAAAAAAA-ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" moments is worth it. This is … gasp … fun?
11:10: All hell has broken loose. We have all eight machines, we're up two grand as a group, and we're making so much noise that a crowd of people is now cheering us on. I'm not kidding -- our group might have been the Jackie Robinson of Fun Slots Experiences. I don't think anyone ever considered the concept before. Wait, you can have fun playing slots as a group? Really? Now Bish is hitting every "SPIN" with his elbow. Hopper is hitting every "SPIN" with his forehead. Even the formerly cheap Stoner has turned into the Mark Madsen of gambling. Who knew? Slots! Slots? Slots!
11:30: In less than an hour, we just turned $1,100 into $2,850. We're all stunned. That was way too much fun. We can't believe it. Quite possibly the best gambling experience I've had in years."