Monday, September 7, 2009

Outside Lands Recap

Awesome recap of Outside Lands by "I Am Fuel, You Are Friends" blog. She included a lot of song links so check them out. My favorites were of course Pearl Jam, which rocked through a setlist of mostly greatest hits. Why Go Home, Black and Mike McCready's behind the head guitar solos in Even Flow were my favorites. I highly recommend you watch this clip.

Here's Black. McCready's solo was awesome here too as was the crowd singing along to the "do do do do do..." for a few minutes.

The National and Silversun Pickups were really great too. The Pickups closed with Lazy Eye, I think. The sun (and beer) has tanned my memory.

The National played Mr. November, my favorite song from their set. Hope to see you here next year, Dear Reader!