Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rules for My Unborn Kitten

My buddy, Alex Bain, is often referenced on Kenny K. He's "Internet Creative", meaning he's always working on new sites and ideas that I find fascinating. His cat's blog, Furio, has more traffic than his blog (hey, people love cats on the Internet). Alex & Furio have collaborated on a new site for cat lovers called "Rules For My Unborn Kitten," a play on this site. I think it's really funny, but it's also a testament to Alex's ability to build a community on the Internet, no small feat. Congrats on the new site Alex.

Here's my favorite Rule so far. As a stocky man, I can relate.

Also, if you check out Furio's site, you'll see that I finally met the author in person. Furio is a real cowboy, he wears a monogrammed bandanna around his neck. I would NOT want to meet that cat in a dark alley.