Monday, September 21, 2009

Pearl Jam's Answer to the CD Book

Along with the release of Backspacer, Pearl Jam's latest album, the band released a really cool multimedia feature through that is kind of like a webpage for listening to the album. I don't even have a good name for this because I've never seen something like this before. 

The first screen is the navigation page, complete with the kind of artwork you would normally find included in the CD packaging. But even better, these are live links. You click on them and go to different parts of the interactive package.

The page below is for quick sampling of the songs. No need to click on the tracks in iTunes. You can click through in a much more GU with neat artwork. You click and play right here.

PJ lyrics are always a mystery and they don't always include them. Now you can click on the song in the enhanced multimedia view and see all the lyrics. We can all sing along with Eddie now!

This screenshot demonstrates the ability to click through to the bands first video, "The Fixer," and the 9 minute documentary that they released to promote the album. Again, all of this is done in iTunes by clicking on "webpage" like links.

Finally, there is the equivalent to DVD extras. I loved the Brendan O'Brien interview.

Pearl Jam has broken new ground again. Very cool stuff.