Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sparta Science

Phil Wagner, a friend of mine for 10+ years, has started a really cool high performance training center in Menlo Park, CA called Sparta Science. Phil is a doctor, which greatly sets him apart from most trainers, and has worked as a trainer for UCLA Football and the Philadelphia Flyers. Phil was also a high level rugby player so he knows what it takes to be one of the best. He works with famous pro athletes all the way down to high potential high school athletes.

I got the tour of his training facility last month and its really high tech. I also got to hang out with some of his athletes. Phil has created a really cool culture at Sparta Science, where there is peer pressure to not only do well in sports, but for high school kids, there's a peer pressure to do well academically. I got the vibe that the kids looked at Phil like an older brother.

Anyways, I'm happy for Phil that he has started such a great business and that they are doing well and he's helping a lot of people. Phil was featured in Tom Billups Rugby column and he has a weekly column in the Palo Alto Daily News called Sparta Point.