Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great Posts

There has been a ton of quality posts from people I follow so I thought I would share them with you:

Mike Walton's link. Mike is VP of Marketing at Jott, a company I really like, and he flagged a couple really interesting posts related to 1) Fremium Business Models and things like churn, Average Revenue per Customer, etc, 2) Designing Quality User Interfaces, and 3) Gladwell's post about work and curiosity which I couldn't agree more with.

Charles Hudson's thoughts on Free Powered Business Models. Charles is a friend of mine who is an incredible networker, very thoughtful in the advice he gives and is a "go to" guy around gaming and virtual goods. It feels like he has upped his post frequency, so definitely start checking him out.

Fred Wilson's post o Hype Machine being the "Rolling Stone of our Time." I couldn't agree more. I use Hype Machine everyday. It's intuitive, finds all the best music, including live stuff which is what I really like, and its Zeitgeist is to definitive word on what was great in any give year.

Own Your Zip Code by Seth Godin is fantastic.