Monday, January 26, 2009

Sir Links-A-Lot (January 26, 2008)

Metropolitan Museum Knight ArmorImage by josevnz via FlickrRounding up all the great articles I've read recently in an overdue Sir Links-A-Lot column.

One Final Toss for the Dooze - reminded me of my dog, Browser, who has passed. My step dad found her on the side of the freeway in a cardboard box. He took her home, trained her (stepdad was in SF Police Dog Unit) and she became our dog. She had giant eye brows, was pretty small and was a total mutt but she was a tough old bird. Her specialty was taking on coyotes and mailmen. I miss her.

Once people have taken [an avalanche safety] course, they are MORE LIKELY to be killed in an avalanche than those who have not taken the course.

Zappos Knows How to Kick It - thanks to Lauren Novita for sending this article which is a playbook on how to build great corporate culture and how to deal with a tough layoff. My favorite little snippet, "Any employee can give any other employee a $50 bonus for a job well done." Now, that is trust in your employees and deploying money to back up all the warm and fuzzy talk.

My favorite LuvvBugg post of the week includes a senator...

I'm late on this, but the White House has changed its communication policy.

Matt Belloni's interview of Anna Friel in Esquire was great. Esquire has some screwed up format for viewing their articles online, so it's really hard to find, but go to page 90 and you'll see it and the pictures, which are really good too. 

Zero in Japan vs. Zero in America - fantastic article on the differences in the US & Japanese banking systems, and this is not good news for the US.

My Inauguration Story by Roseanne Cash. Heart warming story that I highly reccomend.

Banker's pay is/was out of control from Paul Kedrosky.

We can't all be Keynesians at once from Paul Kedrosky - meaning we all can't inflate our currencies and issue mountains of debt...because someone needs to buy that debt.
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