Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Chill Music (1/30/09)

Welcome back to Friday Chill Music at Kenny Kellogg. It's my favorite time of the week, where I'm taking care of business and doing it to some cool tunes.

First up, via Matt Ziser's Facebook Feed comes this excellent song (and video) by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Buriedfed

Next is "the Making of 'Middle Cyclone' from Neko Case." It's a bit of a documentary on Neko Case's new album. 

The Gonzo Gal posted Neko's People Gotta Lot of Nerve.

One of my all-time favorite Pearl Jam songs, Crown of Thorns. Actually, as Eddie notes in the clip, it pre-dates the formation of Pearl Jam, and actually comes from Mother Love Bone, a band that guitarists Stone Gossard & Jeff Ament were in. The band broke up because the frontman overdosed on drugs. If you listen carefully in the kitchen scene from Say Anything with John Cusack, you can hear this song playing in the background. I love the bluesy, Mike McCready solo and the emotion in Vedder's voice.

Finally, here's a great song I discovered this week at I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS. The song is by the Band of Annuals and is called Something True. I've been playing it non-stop on my ipod. Warning: it's Mas Sensitivo.