Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bruce Jenkins is Blogging at 3 Dot Blog

Bruce Jenkins, one of my favorite sports writers ever, has begun blogging at the 3-Dot Blog. I've read two of his books, A Good Man (about Pete Newell) and Goodbye: In Search of Gordon Jenkins (about his father, a famous composer). Jenkins covers the NBA, MLB, Tennis and Surfing all unbelievably well and his Three Dot Lounge Column every Saturday morning is a must read. Here are a couple snippets on the NBA out of his latest blog post.

On Kobe vs. Lebron:
"Most NBA players haven't given up their claim on Kobe as the best player in the league. That comes on the strength of three NBA championships and a litany of last-second shots in the great tradition of Jordan and Jerry West. But the torch is being passed, ever so gradually, and Kobe knows that. He badly wants at least one more title as LeBron makes his ascent. Who knows, in two years the Cavaliers could be an elite, title-winning team -- or James will have joined some budding powerhouse in the 2010 free-agent market."

On the Celtics:
"You bet the Celtics are annoyed at the widespread ascent of Cleveland's status. They have to be thinking, "We're the ones with the rings. What the hell have the Cavs done?" More than anything, there's a backlash against the Celtics' severe trash-talking, primarily from Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Personally, I enjoy the Celtics' attitude. They're not settling for just one title; they've come out with a vengeance, a little mean streak."