Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Remembering What Teachers Deal With...

Funny post called Teacher Shape from my friend Ariel who is a teacher. Good reminder on what they have to deal with though.

" Teacher shape also refers to the ability to refrain from going to the bathroom for hours at a time. Besides the five minute passing periods, when I am typically fielding the individual issues of 4-9 students on average (eg: “Ms. Morris, I have a water polo game tomorrow. Can I get the homework?” “Ms. Morris, I cut my finger on the three-hole punch. Can I have a band aid?” “Ms. Morris, can you check in see if I turned in my signed parent syllabus, because I can’t remember if I turned it in.”), I do not have a break from 8:27 to 11:38. I thus have to very strategically plan my liquid consumption. Luckily, since I basically wake up with the cows, I can drink my coffee on my way to school and am all in the clear by the time first period rolls around. Yet I know that if I start drinking my water bottle during first period, I’m going to have about three hours until I can actually go to the bathroom, so I typically teach first and second period in a state of dehydration and then guzzle about a gallon of water during third."