Monday, September 6, 2010

POSTGAME NOTES: A clarification on Aubrey Huff, Sanchez shines, Uribe slugs, Giants will be Sans-a-Belt in September | Extra Baggs

""It's the Rally Thong," Huff said. "It's not a slump thong. If I was wearing it to break a slump, I would've burned it a long time ago."

I suppose so. Huff is hitting .200 in 24 games since Aug. 8. He's just 2 for 19 in five games while wearing his dainty delicates.

"This is a team thing," Huff said. "When I broke it out (Tuesday), we had 30 games left. I said, `Guys, here's 20 wins right here.'"

The Rally Thong is 4-1 thus far, and as long as Mike Murphy remembers to wash it in the delicate cycle, all will be right in Huff's world."