Thursday, September 30, 2010

Posey is Our Jeter

My Buster Posey (Giant's Rookie Catcher) man-crush is only picking up steam with articles like this from Scott Ostler. I've been telling all my friends that he's the Giant's version of Derek Jeter, and I couldn't be more thrilled that I get to cheer for him for so many years to come.

"To understand how a player could make such a dramatic position change so quickly, you have to understand Posey, and the Martins will help you. They think Posey is special.

"He's probably the best leader I've ever had," Martin Sr. said. "He could discipline himself better than the others. He watched his diet. If it was time to get his rest, he'd get his rest. He wouldn't go out just because everyone else was going out.
"He was the most popular guy we ever had here. He was academic player of the year, he set the curve for our players in the classroom. When something needed to be said, he said it. If someone was not hustling, out of the corner of your eye, you'd see him walk over and tell the guy, in a mature and firm way, 'That's not the way we play the game.' "

Martin Jr. added: "Think about getting a 3.9 (GPA) your last semester, knowing you're about to make five, six million dollars. That just shows you his character. ... What he's done for our program is immeasurable."