Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gregg Spiridellis of JibJab is Blogging

Gregg Spiridellis isn't just a great guy, he's an unbelievable blend of creative and managerial talent. Gregg is co-founder of JibJab.com along with his brother, Evan. You know what else? Gregg is blogging now. Check him out. I think there will be many lessons to be learned from his blog. Here's a good intro:

"JibJab was founded way back in the digital dark ages – 1999.  Huddled around our blueberry iMacs, dialing up on 56k modems, struggling to keep our videos under 300k, my brother and I flew over the bleeding edge of technology Thelma-and-Louise-style because we believed that the combination of falling production costs and opening distribution presented a once in a lifetime opportunity for two guys with no media experience to build a worldwide entertainment brand.  Our premise was simple: amazingly talented artists creating great made-for-the-medium entertainment could attract an audience and that audience could be leveraged to attract more audience.  Today it’s called viral marketing.  In 1999, it was called “and you are going to make money how?”"