Monday, September 13, 2010

Ben Munoz – Founder of Interviewed by IdeaMensch

My Co-Founder on the Ben's Friends patient support networks, Ben Munoz, was interviewed by IdeaMensch. It's a quick read but I found it very insightful. Ben and I communicate so much that in a way, it's a little surprising that he would say so many things that are new and interesting to me in this interview. But that's what makes our partnership so fun; he's always surprising me.

Here's a little snippet below. I couldn't agree more that these are the three most important ingredients, along with a partner who you admire and trust.

IdeaMensch: "How do you bring ideas to life?

Ben Munoz:
Passion: if you’re not fully committed, you’ll never last through the inevitable dips

Persistence: overnight success always takes years, if you’re passionate about something, persistence is more about focusing on just getting the
little things done.

Naivety: it’s best not to think about how hard something is going to be, otherwise you may never start."

Note: If you have a friend or loved one that needs a support community, let me know and we'll start one for them through Ben's Friends.