Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jott: Voicemail Transcription

Jott just released a great new customer acquisition tool - a personalized link that let's me invite my friends to the service. Long time readers know I love the Jott Voicemail Transcription service. It's fast, pretty accurate and they send you an email with the transcription in it. It's saved me so much time because I don't have to listen to voicemail anymore and it's improved my workflow because I can just forward transcriptions that are important to co-workers. No awkward voicemail forwarding and big time sink. Jott is a winner. Check it out.

The customized link is a great viral customer acquisition technique. It's so simple, yet I think it's one of the most important acquisition techniques of the last couple of years. It's great cause it's easy, and it rewards both the promoter and the new customer. In Jott's case, each member get's a free month if you click through the specific link.