Monday, October 12, 2009

Creative Hospital Gowns

My friend Shalon on the AVM Survivor's patient network is amazing. She's a force of nature with her personality and side projects. Shalon's one of the reasons the network passed 1,000 members recently.

When I met her in person she told me about her side project of designing hospital gowns. She has to go in for AVM treatments regularly and got tired of wearing those drab hospital gowns so she did something about it and starting designing hospital "Glamour Gowns" herself (see link for sample designs). It's a pet project that is morphing into a real business.

Here is Jaclyn modeling a sheek red/pink one. Notice the embroidery, "AVM Chicks Rock" with the logo and everything.

If you're interested in buying a Glamour Gown, log into the network and contact Shalon here, or send me an email and I'll connect you to her.

Congrats Shalon! You're amazing.