Saturday, September 14, 2013

6 Links on Saturday - Trader Joe's & Obamacare, How Chris McCandless Died, Peripheral Banks Go in Reverse and Ode to Husky Guys

Hope everyone had a great week. Welcome back to 6 Links on Saturday.

What Trader Joe's Teaches Us About Obamacare - Trader Joe's is cutting healthcare coverage for part time workers and encouraging them to go to the healthcare exchanges to get comparable coverage. TJ's is also giving them $500 to subsidize deductibles and fees. It's a better deal for everyone, except maybe the Federal Government which is going to be holding all the risk.

How Chris McCandless Died - Jon Krakauer presents some compelling new evidence on how the star of Into the Wild died. Turns out it wasn't his fault. See why. Thanks for sending this in Beth Stevens.

The True Size of Africa - Mindblower. 

How to Advertise on a Porn Site - Some not safe for work images, but also one of the best marketing blog posts I've ever read...for the results. :)

Peripheral Banks Go in Reverse - Bond markets across the world are backing up into higher rates and it's going to start causing problems. This is a great explanation of the predicament our monetary policy caused emerging markets. Did you think it was a coincidence that they started booming when we started printing money?

Ode to Husky Guys - Funny and true. Although my diet has made me a lot less husky. :) - Thanks Andrea Gouw for the submission.