Saturday, September 21, 2013

6 Links on Saturday Has Moved to

Hey folks, I took a big step and moved my 6 Links on Saturday, and all future links columns, to a new address ( I also moved to a new blogging platform called Svbtle. I wanted to separate my more serious writing from the personal stuff and give you a better reading experience. I'll still be posting here but if you want to read the smart stuff (at least I hope it's smart), then go over to and check it out.

Btw - Svbtle has a really beautiful layout and there are lots of great writers there so once you're done with my stuff, click the homepage and explore. 

If you're a high tech person and use RSS feeds to read blogs, my new feed is Pop that baby into your RSS Reader and you are all set.

Finally, thanks for checking me out every weekend! When I first started the links columns I probably had 40 consistent readers and now I range between 150 - 300 people. I love writing the blog and the fact that you like it means the world to me. I'll see you over at!