Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Brunch - November 6, 2011

Hope you enjoy the links.
  • Dam Breached, Reservoir Drained - Don't mess with mother nature and gravity.
  • Computer Science Majors By Year - I wonder why this chart isn't up and to the right. The country has a massive unemployment problem but you cannot hire a developer in Silicon Valley right now. The market for computer science majors has never been tighter.
  • Birth of Europe: Full Circle - pretty funny 
  • 2Houses - Software so divorced families can manage the little things. This would have made my life a lot easier when I was a kid.
  • How to Find Cups at Someone's House - So true
  • What Good Interview Questions are Trying to Discover - this posts benefits people who are interviewing to fill jobs just as much as those interviewing for jobs. If you are asking people interview questions that don't give you this insight, you should re-evaluate.
  • Favorite Pitches from TechStars Seattle - I went to this tech incubator event on Thursday. I had a blast and met a lot of great people. So much energy in the room.
  • Day Care Sick Day Incentives - I love thinking about little incentive programs like the one Alex outlined. My favorite example is the b-school case study where a day care center was tired of parents picking up their kids late, so they instituted a $10 fee for being late. After the fee was instituted, late pickups doubled or tripled. All that had been keeping late pickups to a minimum was the sense of guilt parents felt about being late. Once there was a fee associated with it, being late became a transaction and acceptable to the parents.
  • Another 100 Day Event - Kedrosky - Italy is getting scary.
  • Boxer Briefs - informative article on men's underwear. :)
  • Nap in Such a Way That Your Cheerios Are Safe - very cute, and true.
  • Road & Trees - I always like to end with a picture.