Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm Thankful for Ben's Friends & This Wonderful Message

I posted the note below about Ben's Friends on my twitter & facebook today. Then a member named Janice left me a really touching message. It made my Thanksgiving!

My Message:
"I'm thankful for everyone involved with Ben's Friends Patient Support Networks ( - the 90 volunteer moderators, the 100+ donors, and the patients that make all 29 networks a magical place. The chart shows we are breaking new traffic. Thanks!"

Message from Janice:
"Happy thanksgiving!I haven't told you lately, but I really really really appreciate you!You have added so much beauty and order and wonder to my life through though the good work you do; even though we don't talk personally very often, I know you are behind the scenes to make sure our experience at Life with Lupus stays beautiful.Thank you."