Tuesday, November 15, 2011

McRibonomics: You’ll NEVER guess what’s in the McRib

Great quote by my friend Kathryn from the following article.
"Life is so much easier when we don’t know how the sausage gets made. If we know too much about something gross that we’re eating, we feel forced to do something about it, like not eat it."

Willy Staley over at “The Awl, “Be Less Stupid” just made a nifty little chart to show us that McDonald’s not-so-coincidentally introduces the McRib when pork prices are low. The lines below are the periods that McDonald’s reintroduced the McRib, the blue line is the price of hogs in America over the last 10 years.

Low pork prices = higher profit for McDonald’s. Check out his article, here, when you have a second, it’s really interesting. But it gets better.